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1621Hortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural Science63WHonorable Mention
1622Journal of comparative psychology (Washington, D.C. : 1983)63WHonorable Mention
1623Wetlands Ecology and Management63WHonorable Mention
1624PhytoKeys57XHonorable Mention
1625Food, Culture and Society54XHonorable Mention
1626Annals of Animal Science56XHonorable Mention
1627Journal of Agricultural Science59XHonorable Mention
1628Biology57XHonorable Mention
1629Botanical Studies66WHonorable Mention
1630Potato Research63WHonorable Mention
1631Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology60XHonorable Mention
1632Arctic Science54XHonorable Mention
1633Weed Research66WHonorable Mention
1634Journal of Helminthology61WHonorable Mention
1635European Zoological Journal55XHonorable Mention
1636Journal of Applied Poultry Research65WHonorable Mention
1637Plant, Soil and Environment54XHonorable Mention
1638Marine Biodiversity58XHonorable Mention
1639Journal of Vector Ecology58XHonorable Mention
1640European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology66WHonorable Mention