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481Plant Ecology and Evolution25YNull
482Plant Ecology and Diversity62XHonorable Mention
483Plant Ecology69WBronze
484Plant Diversity78WBronze
485Plant Disease81WSilver
486Plant Direct73WBronze
487Plant Communications86WGold
488Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture77WBronze
489Plant Cell Reports90WGold
490Plant Cell98WPlatinum
491Plant Breeding and Biotechnology17YNull
492Plant Breeding66WHonorable Mention
493Plant Biotechnology Reports58XHonorable Mention
494Plant Biotechnology Journal97WPlatinum
495Plant Biotechnology47XClay
496Plant Biosystems61XHonorable Mention
497Plant Biology41XClay
498Plant and Soil91WPlatinum
499Plant and Fungal Systematics28YNull
500Plant and Cell Physiology91WPlatinum