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1761Plant Systematics and Evolution67WHonorable Mention
1762Economic Botany67WHonorable Mention
1763Zoosystematics and Evolution67WHonorable Mention
1764Scientifica67WHonorable Mention
1765Journal of Applied Poultry Research67WHonorable Mention
1766Journal of Sea Research67WHonorable Mention
1767Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology67WHonorable Mention
1768Aquaculture Research67WHonorable Mention
1769Marine and Freshwater Research67WHonorable Mention
1770Journal of Agriculture and Food Research67WHonorable Mention
1771Small Ruminant Research67WHonorable Mention
1772Cogent Food and Agriculture67WHonorable Mention
1773Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization67WHonorable Mention
1774Reproduction in Domestic Animals68WBronze
1775Inland Waters68WBronze
1776Agricultural and Forest Entomology68WBronze
1777Journal of Food Process Engineering68WBronze
1778Journal of Helminthology68WBronze
1779Journal of Ethnobiology68WBronze
1780European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology68WBronze